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File for Your Injury Claim With Our Simple Process

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    Fill out our
    online injury claim
    in 5 minutes

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    Hear back from one of our
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    See a physician
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    We are with you
    every step of the way
    at no cost to the federal employee!

Why IFWAA (Injured Federal Workers Advocate Association)?

  • Quick and easy, step-by-step process
  • 24 hour support 7 days a week
  • We specialize in Department of Labor Office of Workers Compensation Claims only
  • We are not lawyers- you will avoid hefty legal fees you can’t afford
  • IFWAA services are always provided to injured employees at no cost to the employee
  • We assist you with all aspects of your OWCP claim
  • We assist you in choosing approved qualified DOL/OWCP doctors’ offices, clinics, surgeons and hospitals
  • We handle your claim from start to finish

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Receive Workers’ Compensation for Your Federal Work Injury

When you are injured as a federal worker, it is sometimes unclear what steps are necessary. The Injured Federal Workers Advocate Association (IFWAA) is a helpful resource to assist with getting benefits from the Department of Labor’s workers’ compensation for federal employees. Our simple five-minute process can help anyone who needs to fill out a Department of Labor Office of Workers Compensation Claim. While the process can be daunting to some and occasionally requires a costly lawyer, IFWAA can help avoid the hefty legal fees. Our services are always provided to an injured employee at no cost.

Within five days of an injury, you must visit a physician in conjunction with submitting a compensation claim. IFWAA can also assist with recommending qualified and approved DOL/OWCP doctors’ offices, hospitals, clinics, and surgeons.

Applying for workers’ compensation for federal employees should not be a difficult process, and we at IFWAA want to make this process as simple as possible. We will always handle your claim from start to finish and provide answers, medical resources, education, and advocacy. Our goal is to help you file your OWCP claim and provide any help needed along the way.

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It was nothing short of a miracle that my worker’s compensation was approved. My employer combed through my application looking…

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