Workers Compensation: What am I entitled to?


Workers Compensation: What am I entitled to?

Workers Compensation: What am I entitled to?

A federal employee is entitled to have access to many benefits after being injured on the job. However, not all of these benefits are known by the employee at the time of injury or recovery, making it easy for them to miss out on such benefits if they are not informed enough. Recently injured on the job? Here are benefits you are entitled to receive:

The Right to Choose Your Medical Provider

Your employer is required to inform you that you have the right to choose your medical provider to monitor and follow up with you and your injury. Contrary to popular belief, your employer and the workers’ compensation program is not allowed to assign you a medical provider.

Even if you are sent to an agency’s medical provider for emergency treatment, you still have the option to choose your own medical provider to give you care after the emergency has been resolved. However, if you continue to see the agency’s chosen medical provider for over 3 visits, then legally you assume the agency’s medical provider as your own chosen provider.

Reimbursement of Medical Bills

When you have been injured on the job, one of the most important benefits you are entitled to with workers’ compensation is the reimbursement for any medical bills you accrue as a result of your injury. This includes the coverage of doctor bills, physical therapy, costs of traveling to and from the doctor’s office, and the medication you may need to obtain.

Wage Benefits

If a federal employee files a CA-1 claim for a traumatic injury that occurs in the middle of an employee’s tour of duty, then the employee is entitled to a Continuation of Pay (COP), which means that the agency has the obligation of paying the employee 100% of his or her pay during the first 45 calendar days of their injury.

In addition, if you attend doctor’s appointments or physical therapy that pertains to your injury during your usual working hours, you are entitled to wage benefits, which help compensate you for the lost hours and wages due to making these appointments and receiving treatment for your work injury.