Workers Compensation for Federal Employees


Workers Compensation for Federal Employees

Workers Compensation for Federal Employees

Under the Federal Employees Compensation Act, federal employees are entitled to benefits when they are injured on the job. Legislative language can sometimes be confusing, though, making it hard for employees to figure out what type of workers’ compensation they’re allowed. Here are the three main types of workers’ compensation benefits available to federal employees through the Division of Federal Employees’ Comp.

Medical Treatments

If your injury or illness occurs on the job, such as in the case of occupational disease, you’re entitled to compensation for any medical expenses, from hospital bills to surgeries that you may need in order to recover.

There are a few restrictions to keep in mind—first of all, the employee cannot change doctors without the approval of the Office of Workers Compensation Programs. Second, the employee can choose their doctor but may need to get another opinion if the first doctor is not participating in the compensation program.

Disability Benefits

There are two types of disability benefits available to federal employees: temporary and permanent. With temporary total disability, if the employee cannot return to work, they can be paid their regular salary for up to 45 days. There are additional benefits available for permanent total disability depending on the injury.

Death Benefits

If an employee is killed on the job or dies from an injury sustained on the job, their family receives certain benefits. If they have no children, their spouse can receive up to 50% of that employee’s salary. If they do have children, they are entitled to up to 15% of the employee’s salary while the spouse is entitled to 45%.

It’s important to learn what benefits are available to you before an accident happens so you know your rights. If you have any questions about workers’ compensation for federal employees, you can read the Act in full on the Department of Labor website.