Workers’ Comp: Will My Medical Travel Expenses Be Reimbursed?


Workers’ Comp: Will My Medical Travel Expenses Be Reimbursed?

Workers’ Comp: Will My Medical Travel Expenses Be Reimbursed?

If you are an injured federal worker, it might be the case that you have to leave your city in order to receive specialized care for a specific injury. This could be because your local area has a lack of specialists or equipment to properly address your treatment, or perhaps because you have received specific instruction from OWCP to do so. Whatever the case may be, this means you are incurring a possibly very large extra cost on top of your medical expenses.

It will give you some relief to find out that in many cases, travel expenses can indeed be covered by workers’ compensation for even things such as long distance travel reimbursement and prescription pick-up travel. Other things that are typically covered include:

  • Lab visits
  • Clinic or doctor appointments
  • Prescription pickup
  • Long distance appointments

OWCP has instituted a program that is aimed at reimbursing all travel related costs. There are, however, certain guidelines that must be followed.

How to Qualify for Reimbursement

In order to qualify for travel reimbursement, you must first request OWCP for consideration in this area. Once your request is received, OWCP will review the necessity of the travel, your health condition, mode of transportation, the availability of the procedure, and the cost. OWCP may give you certain recommendations to reduce the cost so that they will be more able to help you and others who are in need of this service. These suggestions will include things like taking public transportation as well as taking the shortest possible route. However, if your medical condition does not allow you to use public transportation, even a rental car may be covered. In any case, it’s absolutely vital that you first request consideration. If you are approved for transportation coverage, then you can rest a little more peacefully knowing that you won’t have to incur that possibly large expense on your own.