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The Federal Employees Compensation Act

The Federal Employees Compensation Act (FECA)  

The Federal Employees Compensation Act, also known as FECA, is a federal law in the United States. It was sponsored by Senator John W. Kern and Representative Daniel J. McGillicuddy and signed into law on September 7, 1916, by President Woodrow Wilson. FECA allows federal civil service employees to apply for the recovery of benefits if they are disabled or killed as the result of a workplace injury or disease that is sustained while performing duties.

Who is Covered by FECA?

The Federal Workers Compensation Act is available to all federal employees regardless of the position held or length of employment. The exception is those paid from non-appropriated funds. Benefits under FECA include compensation for lost wages, medical expenses, and vocational rehabilitation services (for partially disabled employees). The special legislation also provides FECA coverage to:

  • Peace Corps
  • VISTA Volunteers
  • Federal Petit Jurors
  • Federal Grand Jurors
  • Civil Air Patrol
  • Reserve Officer Training Corps
  • Job Corps
  • Neighborhood Youth Corps
  • Youth Conservation Corps

FECA Claim Requirements

For an FECA claim to be accepted, the injured employee must be able to provide medical and factual evidence to support the following basic elements:

  • The claim was filed within the FECA time limits.
  • The injured or deceased individual was an employee covered by FECA.
  • The employee developed a medical condition due to work conditions/hazards.
  • The employee was performing job duties when the event(s) in the claim occurred.
  • The injury/medical condition was a result of the event(s) in the claim.

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