Returning to Work After a Federal Workers Compensation Injury


Returning to Work After a Federal Workers Compensation Injury

Returning to Work After a Federal Workers Compensation Injury

If you are an injured federal employee who is currently receiving worker’s compensation, you will no longer qualify for the government-sponsored wage loss benefit once you have fully recovered.

What happens when a federal work recovers from an injury and is required to return to work?

Once your health and ability to function is restored you are required to return to work and resume your previous duties. If you are unable to perform the necessary tasks that were included in your job description at the time you were injured, you will need to find an alternate position. The alternative job may be with your original federal employer or through OWCP job placement assistance.

How will returning to work affect my federal workers’ compensation claim?

Resuming work after filing an injury claim for federal workers’ compensation can result in dire consequences on your benefits and the outcome of your claim. If your work-related injury has left you partially disabled, and unable to perform your previous job duties, but you are capable of working in some other capacity, you will be required to search for and accept alternate suitable work. It is common for the OWCP to request evidence of the job search efforts of injured federal workers.

If I can’t perform my regular federal job position, how do I know for sure which job I should apply for?

It can be intimidating returning to work after a federal workers’ compensation injury, especially if you have lost some physical abilities. If any written job descriptions are available for specific positions at your workplace, consult with your doctor regarding all the responsibilities and physical requirements beforehand. If it is possible for your employer to make accommodations for your disability, then request that your physician list your work limitations in writing, sorted by injury, and immediately update your employer.