OSHA for Small Businesses


OSHA for Small Businesses

OSHA for Small Businesses

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is a government agency that is dedicated to improving the safety and health of employees in America. OSHA develops workplace safety regulations, provides safety training and guidance on complying with regulations along with conducting health and safety inspections for businesses. Since OSHA was formed in 1971, fatalities in the workplace have been reduced by 50%, along with injury and illness rates dropping by 40%.

To help small businesses comply with OSHA regulations and ensure optimal health and safety in their workplace, OSHA and the Department of Labor make great efforts to provide guidance for employers and employees. They provide simple guides for employers and employees on how to comply with OSHA standards and offer free consultations and training for small businesses on health and safety. OSHA is also legally obligated to assist small business owners with compliance of regulations and recommendations.

How Can OSHA Benefit Your Small Business?

Along with the benefit of your employees being healthy, safe and productive, meeting the workplace regulations and safety standards set by OSHA can make financial sense for small business owners as well. Workplaces that comply with regulations have less work-related injury and illness, cutting costs on workers’ compensation claims and absent employees. By complying with OSHA regulations you can avoid fines and inspection violations as well.

Always make sure your workplace is following regulations to ensure the safety, healthy and productivity of your employees. Doing so can not only ensure your business avoids violations and fines but can also save you money in costs down the road.

If you were injured in a federal workplace due to non-compliance of regulations, the Injured Federal Workers Advocate Association can help. Contact us today to learn about starting your injured federal worker claim.