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New Orleans

New Orleans FECA Claims 

201 St. Charles Ave Suite 2526 New Orleans, LA 70170

Were you aware that most OWCP compensation claims that fail to be approved are typically the result of a federal employee that doesn’t know their rights? At IFWAA in New Orleans, we are dedicated to federal employee rights, compensation, and claims. Not only does the Federal Employee’s Compensation Act protect employees at the time of their injury, but it also states how compensation and medical expenses will be paid during the time of the injury or illness.

OWCP Claim Requirements

For a federal employee injury claim to be approved, the injured federal employee must be able to provide both factual and medical evidence to support the following:

  • The compensation claim was filed during the time frame specified by OWCP.

  • The federal employee that was injured, killed or became ill is covered under FECA.

  • The medical condition in the claim was caused by workplace conditions/hazards.

  • The injured employee was performing job duties when the event(s) in the claim happened.

  • The injury/medical condition/death was a result of the event(s) included in the claim.

At IFWAA in New Orleans, we are proud to manage federal employee compensation claims at no cost. Our clients will not have to use their private insurance or pay any out-of-pocket fees, including co-pays or deductibles. Our team of federal compensation experts can provide the latest information on federal employee laws and regulations, track the deadlines of your claim and even communicate with OWCP and other people involved with your injury claim.

When you choose to work with IFWAA of New Orleans, our team can help assist you with completing CA forms, a continuation of pay filing, lost wage benefits and even FMLA. We will also help you find an OWCP approved doctor, surgeon, clinic or hospital. Our goal is to remove the obstacles and confusion often associated with the federal employee compensation claims process.

Did you become ill or get injured due to your New Orleans federal workplace conditions or hazards? Contact IFWAA today to find out how we can help you file your compensation claim and start receiving the benefits you deserve.