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Memphis Federal Workers’ Compensation 

5865 Ridgeway Center Pkwy Suite 300 Memphis, TN 38120

The most common reason federal worker compensation claims go unopened is due to federal employees not being educated about their rights, but luckily IFWAA in Memphis, TN can help. At IFWAA we specialize in OWCP/FECA claims and benefits compensation. If you were injured or became ill due to your federal job and workplace conditions/hazards, IFWAA may be able to help with your federal injury claim.

Are There FECA/OWCP Claim Requirements?

Yes, for a federal employee compensation claim to be accepted, the employee that was injured or became ill must be able to provide medical and factual evidence to support the claim, this includes:

  • The employee must be covered by the FECA.

  • The compensation claim must be filed within the OWCP time limits.

  • The employee had to develop the injury/illness due to their work conditions.

  • The employee had to have been performing job duties when the events listed in the claim occurred.

  • The injury/illness is a result of the events listed in the claim.

How Can IFWAA in Memphis Help Me?

IFWAA specializes in federal employee rights and compensation claims and offers no-cost assistance to injured federal employees. Our Memphis injured federal employees do not have to use their private insurance or worry about out-of-pocket expenses. Along with free assistance for your federal compensation claim, our clients can also expect:

  • No-cost federal injury claim management.

  • Up-to-date information on regulations, laws, and resources for injured federal employees.

  • Assistance locating OWCP approved doctors, surgeons, hospitals, and clinics.

  • Assistance with filling out necessary CA claim forms.

  • Assistance with Family and Medical Leave Act forms.

  • Assistance with lost wage benefits filing.

  • Assistance with the continuation of pay benefits filing.

  • Communication with OWCP, employer, medical providers and case manager on your behalf.

The OWCP/FECA compensation claims process can be extremely confusing, trust in IFWAA Memphis to help with your claim. We are experts in federal employee rights and compensation and can provide no-cost case management. Contact us today to get started!