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Know Your Rights  


Most federal worker claims that fail to get opened are in large part, due to the injured employee not knowing what their rights are as an injured employee. Each act that governs federal employees, federal contractors and subcontractors and atomic weapons employees has specific language that not only protects the employee at the time of injury but also states specifically how their medical cost will be paid for and how the injured employee will be compensated during the time of their injury.

Do you know what your rights are as it relates to being an injured federal employee or an injured contractor or subcontractor of the federal government? Knowing your rights is absolutely essential to reduce the time associated with getting your claim open, and knowing your rights increases the speed at which the injured employee receives the proper medical attention he/she needs.

The IFWAA uses the laws published in these acts to advocate on your behalf with the Department of labor, Office of Workers Compensation and your employer. The IFWAA is standing by to answer any questions that you may have regarding your federal injured worker claim. Call us on our toll-free number 800-487-6360.