Injury Compensation for Federal Employees


Injury Compensation for Federal Employees

Injury Compensation for Federal Employees

Are you a federal employee that was injured on the job? Did you know that you are entitled to benefits if you have become injured or ill due to your federal work duties or workplace? According to the Federal Employees Compensation Act (commonly referred to as FECA), a federal employee is entitled to apply for benefits in the event they are disabled or have become deceased as a result of a workplace disease or injury.

Who is Entitled to Federal Worker Injury Compensation?

FECA benefits are available to any federal employee (outside of those paid from non-appropriated funds) regardless of the length of their employment or the federal position they held. These benefits include compensation for any wages lost, any medical expenses incurred and any vocational rehabilitation services. According to the Office of Workers Compensation Programs (OWCP), there are two classifications of injuries, which include:

Traumatic Federal Injuries (CA-1)

A traumatic injury is characterized as an injury or condition which was caused by a specific event, series of events or an incident within a single shift. These types of federal injuries are often identified based on the place in which it occurred, the time it occurred, and the part of your body that has been affected.

Federal Occupational Injuries (CA-2)

Occupational injuries are defined as a medical condition, illness or disease which was caused due to a working environment over a period longer than a single shift. These types of injuries include infections, strains and even exposure to hazardous materials.

Start Your OWCP Claim Today

At IFWAA our federal injury claims management specialists are experts in federal employee injury compensation. We can help with the entire claims process, providing help with CA forms, tracking of any deadlines and even communicating with the parties involved on your behalf.

We understand the FECA claims process can be confusing and frustrating, which is why we offer our services free of charge to federal workers. Were you injured on the job? You are entitled to benefits! Contact IFWAA today, we’d be happy to answer any questions you may have or start your federal worker injury claim.