Important Information about FECA for Injured Postal Workers


Important Information about FECA for Injured Postal Workers

Important Information about FECA for Injured Postal Workers

The Federal Employees Compensation Act (FECA) was instituted in 1916. It was signed into law by President Woodrow Wilson and allows individuals who have been of service to the government and country to apply for benefits as an injured or disabled worker.

Who does FECA cover?

This act covers all civil servants working for the federal government who get injured or contract a disease while working for their agency. It also covers Peace Corps volunteers, federal grand or petit jurors, any volunteers working in Civil Air Patrol, those in Job Corps, and non-federal law enforcement individuals who may have intervened with regard to crimes against the country.

Getting started with the claims process

To get the claims process started, injured workers must first report the injuries or disease to an immediate supervisor. The forms that are needed for the process are divided in two – occupational disease or traumatic injury. Occupational diseases require form CA-2 while traumatic injuries where compensation is being sought require form CA-1. This form must be completed within 30 days of sustaining the injury. The same time period is observed from the date that an illness was realized and showed any effects on work duties or was aggravated by them. Once the appropriate forms have been completed, they should get to OWCP within 10 days.

Definition of traumatic injury for injured federal workers

OWCP is quite strict in regards to injuries or illnesses. A traumatic injury must have involved some kind of external force or strain and resulted in a wound or similar condition. When reporting the injury, it will be necessary to clearly outline the specific date and time, and single out the body part that was affected or the function the injury hindered. Additionally, the injuries must have occurred within a specific shift or day.

Definition of occupational disease in injured postal workers

Rather than within a specific shift or day, an illness or occupational disease must have occurred over a number of days or shifts. Accepted illnesses include those that are caused by repeated strain or stress, an infection, poison, toxin, or fumes exposure in a work environment.