How Much Are Federal Workers’ Compensation Attorney Fees?


How Much Are Federal Workers’ Compensation Attorney Fees?

How Much Are Federal Workers’ Compensation Attorney Fees?

The airwaves are flooded with personal injury ads and catchy slogans. We have all heard countless calls to action which include, no payment unless we win. This makes sense for lawyers handling personal injury, but what about when federal worker’s comp is involved?

There are stringent laws set up by OPM and ECAB which ban federal workers compensation attorneys from working on a contingency fee basis. The goal is to ensure that you settle with the maximum amount allowed in the end. To find out more about how federal workers comp cases and lawyer fees work, contact a reputable attorney who handles such cases.

What Percentage Will I Pay My Federal Workers’ Compensation Attorney?

Generally, only 20 percent of your federal workers’ comp can be taken by attorneys after the case is resolved. Also, they are obliged to clearly and thoroughly display their billing structure, explain every charge and procedure that is being billed. The statement must be sent for approval to you and OWCP.

Case Costs for Federal Workers’ Compensation

You should also know that for federal workers’ comp benefits you are responsible for paying the attorney fees. The includes all billable work completed in your case charged by the hour. The may include consulting with medical professionals, drafting documents, conducting interviews, travel time, research, writing notes, and so on. In addition, you may be required to cover such expense as mailing costs, copy charges, witnesses and travel expenses.

When Will I Receive My Payout? Federal Workers’ Compensation

Once your attorneys are successful at helping you achieve the federal worker’s compensation you have earned, the funds will be transferred into an IOLTA (Lawyer’s Trust) account. Your attorney will later place the money into your personal account.