Federal Workers’ Compensation Consultants


Federal Workers’ Compensation Consultants

Federal Workers’ Compensation Consultants

 Are you a federal employee that was injured due to your federal employment? Are you interested in receiving the compensation benefits you are entitled to? IFWAA is the only national company that provides no-cost claims management to federal employees. The ultimate goal of our federal workers’ compensation consultants is providing federal employees with the answers, education, resources, and advocacy needed to reduce the complications and amount of time it often takes for an OWCP claim to be adjudicated.

To lessen the burden federal employees often face when suffering a job-related injury and provide exceptional services to each of our clients, IFWAA focuses on the following areas:

  • Education – At IFWAA we take time with each client to explain necessary forms along with the entire OWCP claim process, including the roles of agencies involved.
  • Advocation – At IFWAA we advocate on behalf of our clients with the department of labor and their employer, ensuring that their rights as an injured federal employee are not violated and that they receive the benefits they are entitled to.
  • Mitigation – At IFWAA we assist our clients with their FECA claim and trying to ensure it fully mitigated, and our client receives all the compensation benefits they are entitled to.

How Can Our Federal Employee Compensation Consultants Help?

The federal injury claims process can be extremely confusing and frustrating; many opt for hiring an attorney. However, our federal compensation consultants are trained to provide exceptional and no-cost case management for federal employees injured due to their job duties. We can assist with completing all necessary forms, tracking any deadlines and even communicating on your behalf. Our FECA claim consultants can also help you file for the continuation of pay and any lost wages.

Ready to receive the federal compensation benefits you are entitled to? Contact IFWAA today! We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have and look forward to starting your OWCP injury claim today.