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Dayton FECA Compensation 

70 Birch Alley Suite 240 Bldg B Beavercreek, OH 45440

Were you aware that most federal worker compensation claims that fail to be accepted are typically due to federal employees’ not being educated about their rights? At our Dayton, Ohio IFWAA office, we use the Federal Employee’s Compensation Act to advocate on behalf of injured federal employees. FECA protects federal workers that are injured, become ill or have deceased due to workplace hazards/conditions by providing compensation for medical costs and lost wages.

At IFWAA in Dayton, Ohio, we manage federal employee compensation claims at 0 cost to our clients. No private medical insurance is used, and no out-of-pockets expenses will be accrued, including deductibles or co-payments.

When working with IFWAA in Dayton, our experts will provide you with information regarding laws, regulations, and resources for federal employees. We will communicate with the Office of Workers’ Compensation Program and any other parties involved with your claim. We can also help you complete any required CA forms, track your OWCP claim deadlines and find approved FECA doctors, surgeons, clinics, and hospitals. Assistance for filing lost wage benefits, a continuation of pay benefits and the Family and Medical Leave Act benefits is also provided.

Requirements for OWCP Compensation Claim

For a federal employee compensation claim to be accepted, the federal worker must be able to provide both medical and factual evidence to support their claim, including:

  • Was the claim filed during the specific time limit?

  • Was the injured or deceased employee covered by FECA?

  • Was the medical condition caused by workplace hazards/conditions?

  • Was the injured employee performing job duties when the event(s) occurred?

  • Was the injury/illness/death caused by the event(s) in the claim?

Did your federal Dayton job cause illness or injury? Contact IFWAA today to find out how we can help you file your FECA compensation claim and start receiving the benefits you deserve!