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Compensation for Federal Employees Injured During Workplace Assaults

Compensation for Federal Employees Injured During Workplace Assaults

In some cases, a federal employee who is injured during a workplace assault may be eligible for compensation under the Office Workers’ Compensation Programs (OWCP).  Assaults that take place while federal workers are on duty and those that arise out of employment are generally compensable. For instance, if a cashier is injured at work during a robbery, or if a federal employee is assaulted by a co-worker during an argument about the job and injured at the workplace, the injuries will be covered by the OWCP.

Workplace Assaults and the Office Workers’ Compensation Programs

However, if a federal employee is assaulted and injured by a co-worker over a matter that is clearly not job related, no compensation will be granted. The only way the office of workers’ compensation programs will compensate is if the injured federal worker demonstrates that the personal matter that sparked the assault was somehow work related. Federal workers are covered by OWCP even outside of the workplace if an assault results in injury caused by another employee, fueled by issues at work.

Employee Assault Injuries that are not eligible for coverage by OWCP

A dispute about something like dollies being left in front of trucks may become heated, resulting in one employee assaulting another. This injury was incurred from a workplace argument that spun out of control, therefore it is covered. A compensable workplace assault must arise during employment, or be caused by the worker’s employment. If an individual’s personal situation instigated the assault, and the federal worker’s employment did not aggravate the quarrel, or bring on the assault, the resulting injury will not be covered.

How to get your workplace assault claim approved

An injured federal worker who experiences an injury from a workplace assault should file a CA-1 form. To improve the chances of having your claim approved, provide a detailed statement describing your exact job duties, specifically how the assault started and how it transpired, and how the injury was inflicted. All of the facts concerning the employee assault need to be detailed, accurate and complete. Witness statements and a police report should be included if available.