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About IFWAA  


Injured Federal Workers Advocate Association (IFWAA) is the only national company that provides department of labor, office of workers compensation program assistance and specialized claims management to federal employees at zero cost to the injured worker.

Our goal for each client that we accept at IFWAA is to provide them with answers, medical resources, education and advocacy that will ultimately reduce the amount of time that it takes for an injured federal employee to get their OWCP claim adjudicated.


IFWAA is dedicated to lessening the undue burden placed on American injured federal employees caused by their job-related injury. IFWAA focuses on these three areas to successfully provide great service to each of our clients.

EDUCATE: IFWAA takes the time to explain federal forms, the roles of the agencies, and the entire OWCP process.

ADVOCATE: IFWAA advocates on your behalf with your employer and the department of labor. IFWAA works closely with your union leadership to ensure that your rights as an injured employee are not violated.

MITIGATE: IFWAA assists each of our clients in getting their OWCP claim mitigated fully so that the injured party receives all of the benefits due to them by law.

Whether your injury happened within the last week or the last decade you owe it to yourself to contact an OWCP consultant at IFWAA today to discuss your claim.

What we do

By providing these services at no cost to the injured employee, at IFWAA we can actively support federal workers and employers by:

  • Ensuring the injured employee can focus on their care and treatment, while IFWAA manages all of the administrative requirements associated with filing DOL/OWCP claim.
  • Streamlining the claims process so the injured employee’s claims open faster.
  • Helping the injured employee return to work more quickly and in better physical health.
  • Preventing the injured employee from having to use his or her private medical insurance for medical care and treatment

To learn more about the IFWAA process or to discuss your OWCP claim, please call us today at 800-487-6360.